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Welcome to BuddyCalls,
your project-based accountability service! 

How can your project get moving?  Need a buddy to work with?  Many times, we have the personal drive to do something but get side-tracked.  Use BuddyCalls to keep you focused and on-track. 

BuddyCalls checks in by phone or e-mail once a day or several times a day, depending on how you like to work.  (You contact us or we contact you.) 

Our experience tells us that four hours a day on any one project is about the maximum you can spend to keep from burning out, but if you are ready to do more than that for a short time, we'll be right there with you!  Well, "right there with you" electronically.   We won't  get in your way and you don't have to provide snacks since we work by e-mail and phone.

What's a "project"?  A "project" is a task that has a beginning and an end. 

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